Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Laundry Wars!

I have recently been challenged to a duel.

My dear friend Lara, over at www.frommytexaswindow.blogspot.com has posted her own laundry woes. In comparison to my post on March 17th, I think she may have won. Only because she didn't organize her pile of laundry and make it look "nice" therefore making it look much larger than mine. I spent quite a bit of time making my pile look "just so".

So Lara, here are my hints for dealing with laundry:

1.Close the door and run

2. Blame it on the kids.

About Folding: My friend Becky says that you should just attack it all at once and fold, fold, fold. But she does something completely weird...if the t-shirt is inside out...she doesn't make it right. She just folds it and moves on.

I, for one, cannot do that. Not with T-shirts, nor underwear, nor socks.

Now, I can let it sit on the guest bed for a couple of weeks, but I absolutely cannot put things away when they aren't correctly right side out. Unless, she (Becky) comes over (which has been twice this year) and does the folding for me. Then she can do anything she wants short of burning it (which is sometimes appealing) and I am fine with that.

Thanks for the great post Lara, now I don't feel so alone.

I actually feel slightly better. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh my where do I begin? I am totally convinced that you bought that guest bed just for clean laundry. Folding paties are a wonderful thing, I always invite my husband and we put in a movie. You wonder why I mention that? Well you see he happens to have the same problem you do when it comes to watching movies and falling asleep so by keeping him busy folding he also stays awake to finish the movie. BTW he turns things right side out. Since I am older (and more mature) than you and memory loss has set in I often forget about my OCD and so folding them wrong side out doesn't bother me.

Lara said...

Speaking of beds I think I might have to sneak away and spend the night in your guest bed, KLA's description makes me want to hibernate there (or at least take a nap) :)