Sunday, February 26, 2006

Four Whole Years

I can't believe that the Winter Olympics are over!

How sad I am that it will not be until 2010 that I get to sit on the couch and watch the exciting game of Curling.

That game is amazing. It really gets my adrenaline up to watch a sport that the commentators described as a cross between a game of chess and shuffle board...All while wearing attractive bowling shoes which slide easily on ice.

It was just so exciting.

What will I do for the next four years?


Anonymous said...

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Funny. Just thinking about curling makes me want to go workout! :)

Bowling anyone?

Anonymous said...

Kellie dear, forget intervention over the CM tortilla's--you have bigger issues if you actually watched curling! Course all I watched was women's figure skating long program and the men's speed skating. I have my own set of issues!

Anonymous said...

just think you only have 2 years until the summer olymics in china and you can watch something exciting like table tennis